Finding Bobby Gene

Bobby Gene is just an ordindary teen, he loves football and gaming with his friends.  Now Bobby Gene has gone missing.  His last cryptic text you recieved read, "You won't believe what I have found... I'm scared."  Then silence. You and your friends suspect something very sinister, after all this is not like your friend Bobby Gene.  You know he left you clues, just for you and only you to find. Can you solve the mystery in

The Lost Chamber

A 6.7 earthquake has just rocked the desert just east of Mut, Egypt, uncovering an ancient monolithic structure in the crater. You and your team are the closest Archeologists to this sight. You arrive to find an entry point into the abyss and detect an intact narrow passageway into the monument. The moment you enter, an aftershock seals your exit. You are now trapped. The seismic activity is increasing. Can you find a way out before another earthquake seals all chances of escape and entombs you and your team forever, in  THE LOST CHAMBER? 

Available for parties, special occassion and business team building. Please call for more information.  580-254-3944